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PRODUCTS - Seeing as how Halloween is just around the corner, I didn't see the harm in pulling out my Cookie Monster onesie and grabbing my treats to go. As ridiculously fun as it may seem, this post is actually all about the bag from Eldorado Pass!  You know, that clear one holding all of my delicious chocolate chip cookies!  I'm thrilled to personally be part of this business that sells all sorts of bags including over-the-shoulder book bags, grocery totes, picnic style jute bags and much more...

17 February 2017


22 December 2017

2 October 2017 

3 books every woman (& her daughter) should read before it's too late

Merde il pleut



PRODUCTS - Shit, it's raining.  Southern California has had an odd year when it comes to the conservation of water and then having an overload of it.  Even though it was 80 degrees this past Wednesday with hardly a cloud in the sky, the forecast predicts plenty of rainfall again this weekend.  But, don't fret.  I've got you covered...

Grab your bag 

29 October 2017 

PRODUCTS - There are so many things to love about this season like binge eating peppermint bark chocolate, sipping a Chai Latte in front of the fireplace and watching Bing Crosby be amazing as always in White Christmas.  But, then, there are some other parts of this holiday we would all like to forget about like the worst drivers in the world all deciding to be out on the road at the same time, OR ...






PRODUCTS - Dad's with daughters should probably take note, too.  It's proving substantially more difficult for ladies to connect with the gentlemen (are they extinct?) despite all the communication mediums we have access to.  We're blinded by mediocrity and "what if" scenarios, so many of the bad guys are getting the good girls...

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