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29 October 2017

For more fun reads, take a look at the JentleBiz Favorite Books.

#3 - Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives

I grew up listening to Dr. Laura Schlessinger on the car radio and she's famous for dishing out the tough love.  She's amazing at it, too.  Her book is no different which guarantees you won't have to read any fluff pages because she always gets right to the point like an arrow on the bullseye every... single... time.   She manages to keep things simple by focusing on the most popular things woman (consciously and subconsciously) do on a regular basis that solidify their unhappiness.  Her language is not for the faint of heart especially when it comes to dating, marriage and sex.

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Dad's with daughters should probably take note, too.  It's proving substantially more difficult for ladies to connect with the gentlemen (are they extinct?) despite all the communication mediums we have access to.  We're also blinded by mediocrity and "what if" scenarios, so many of the bad guys out there are getting the good girls.

Having said that, these books are must-add to your relationship bookshelf at home.  My own mother had me start reading these way back in high school and I've continued passing them on to others every since.  She could have easily told me about all the good stuff herself, but she knew the benefits of hearing wisdom from more than one source.  Plus, these are such a fun read!  

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#1 - Avoiding Mr. Wrong 

This book is truly amazing for three reasons:  1) It breaks down the questionable men and places them into practical categories that accurately describe their characteristics and behavioral patterns (e.g. The Detached Man, The Momma's Boy, The Cowardly Lion, The Control Freak, etc.)  But, it doesn't stop there.  2) It then goes beyond what other books typically do and proceeds to describe the type of WOMAN each of those men are attracted to.  This allows the us ladies to figure out which type of man will most likely pursue us and why we should be concerned.  3) Catering to a wider group of women, these authors also add a section at the end called "What To Do If You've Already Married Him."  So, there's a little something for everyone.

#2 - 7 Things He'll Never Tell You (But You Need To Know)

This book is a great choice because it's from the male perspective.  The author will having you laughing when he reveals (not-so-secret) secrets of the male psyche.  Hopefully, you'll be able to learn some new things about why your man shuts down emotionally, when you should approach him for genuine conversations, what having kids actually does to him and much, much more!  Dr. Leman says, "All you have to do is tap into some simple, basic things and he'll do anything to please you."  

3 books every woman (& her daughter) should read before it's too late