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My team and I don't exactly go through a business with an invasive, fine-toothed comb and decipher how much of the Deming management method they utilize or probe into their financial materials.  As far as we are concerned, those strategic decisions are none of our business.  

We are more concerned with the personal approach they take towards meeting the needs of customers whether it be locally or globally.  We search to find the value provided, the motivation behind their work, and how their products and services can be made available to our readers.

We look forward to shedding light on creative businesses that add a valuable component to our daily lives. You'll be able to explore with us all over the world as we find profitable information on what helps a business excel in our economy and what doesn't.  

I've always had a huge appreciation for the unstoppable combination of creativity and quality in the business world whether that means highlighting the work of a large engineering firm that changes the way we use our natural resources or focusing on a small brick & mortar that bakes fresh delicacies daily.

Large or small, all of the businesses highlighted on JentleBiz.com contribute positively not only to our national and international economies but to the daily lives of us as individual consumers.  

When I'm not exploring businesses to showcase their value, I'm working with similar clients as a Marketing Consultant to help them find creative new ways to reach their target market(s) and improve their value proposition.  Some of those secrets will be revealed in the "Deep Thoughts" section of JentleBiz!

                                                                    ~ Jennifer


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JentleBiz welcomes every collaborative opportunity that presents itself and looks forward to assessing the true value in your product and/or service.  Whether you are national or internationally based, we'd love to hear from you.  For your opportunity to align your brand with JentleBiz, please follow this link to the Contact page.