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I've always had a huge appreciation for the unstoppable combination of creativity and quality in the business world whether that means highlighting the work of a large engineering firm that changes the way we use our natural resources or focusing on a small brick & mortar that bakes fresh delicacies daily.  Large or small, all of the businesses featured on JentleBiz contribute positively not only to our national and international economies but to the daily lives of us as individual consumers.  

When I'm not exploring businesses to showcase their value, I'm personally working with entrepreneurs to build creative brands from the ground up as a Marketing Consultant.  The newest noteworthy example (that I've taken a personal investment in) would be an online retail company called Eldorado Pass that has just opened its virtual doors in May 2017.  This business has dedicated their profits to providing educational opportunities for others AND gives back 25% directly to those who sign up to be Brand Ambassadors!  If you're interested in fundraising for your own educational goals or wish to help out someone else, you should definitely check it out.  

Book Release: Death of the Company by J. D. Allen - The Best Exit Interview That Was Never Had - This unconventional leadership book is a how-to in reverse.  Want to guarantee business failure? Find out how easy it is to do in my true story account of the ultimate OFFICE FROM HELL.  


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JentleBiz welcomes collaborative opportunities of all types and looks forward to assessing the true value of your product and/or service.  Whether you are national or internationally based, we'd love to hear from you.  For your opportunity to align your brand with JentleBiz, please follow this link to the Contact page.