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6 December 2016 - Malibu, California

Working at the beach for the day is rough, but someone has to do it.  And, reviewing products that force me to relax is also beginning to grow on me.  I didn't have to drive out to the beautiful Malibu to shoot these photos (that's right, this is what winter looks like in California).  I could have easily shot them in my backyard but that's no fun.  Plus, I wouldn't have passed by Orlando Bloom (yep, that happens in California, too).  I would have offered him a seat on my new Air Lounger, but giving it up even to him would have been a struggle.  You don't just pass over a cloud 9 experience to just anyone.

At first, the concept of making furniture come to life with air alone reminded me of those old school chairs and couches I wasn't cool enough to have back in the day.  You could blow them up like a floaty, giving you the pool party feel without the pool.  They never quite appealed to me considering I'd get lightheaded blowing them up only to have it stick to my skin after sitting on it for too long.  The whole experience started and ended poorly.  

The Air Lounger, however, has me completely sold!

There's minimal work involved.  Just take it out of the bag, unroll it, positing the opening towards the wind and say hello to your new Air Lounger!  I'll be taking this portable couch with me on all my adventures because it claims to be sustainable in all types of weather and environments.  Challenge accepted.

Note to Orlando Bloom:  I didn't mean it.  Please, come back.  I share.  

lounging on air