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10 July 2016 

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Today's post brings me to the outdoors where trees, birds, and fresh air can be found.  It's easy to take all that for granted when you're stuck in an office most of the time.  However, I'm excited to change things up a bit and focus on a small business within the technological industry.  And, the best part... I get to play with fire!  Everyone has a little pyromaniac in them, don't they?

As an outdoor minimalist, I prefer packing as little as possible for all my adventures.  Thanks to the engineering of the CaliBarrett, stainless steal container, it's now possible to leave all the costly and pollutant materials like gasoline and propane at home.  Take a look around because your fuel can be found right under your feet!  Grabbing a few twigs or small branches is enough to start and maintain an open-flame that is 3x more efficient than traditional methods.  This stove clearly caters to my ecofriendly side, but the design is also user friendly in all types of weather.  

​Failing to check the wind factor before beginning a test run, my hair was all over the place.  I quickly began having flashbacks to my questionable days as a young, pyro accomplice when throwing massive tree trunks into a fire pit was a camper's entertainment and Smokey the Bear's nightmare.  Thankfully, the stove quickly put my safety concerns to rest.  I was feeding branches of fuel through the side rather than tossing them on top.  

CaliBarrett is successfully changing the way people think about the environment and how we utilize energy.  They're providing an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts of all types to continue their adventures in a safe, ecofriendly way.  "Use it - Abuse it - Reuse it" - This is durable for the long-term.

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Photos by: E. Barrett