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24 July 2015 - Tustin, California 

capule the new creative

I was lucky to receive an impromptu music lesson this week from professional musician, Elben Capule, at his home studio in Southern California.  A true musician's lair, the environment was decor'd with instruments splashed about, a piano taking center stage.  I was so distracted by the ease of Capule's skill when playing Kabelevsky Piano Concerto No. 3, Opus 50 that I almost forgot to capture a few photos (common occupational hazard when I'm amongst real performers).  

During my personal lesson, Capule didn't even flinch when I made his job substantially more difficult by choosing to strum a ukulele as a lefty!  I'm no musical savant, so his patience only proved that he really can teach anyone.  What a fantastic time interacting with someone who doesn't just have the natural skill but the formal education behind his craft as well.  

What are some of Capule's secrets to success as a teacher and recording artist?  Becoming a well-rounded individual is a major component.  Like a ballet dancer who enjoys salsa routines or a pastry chef who loves barbequing, Capule has stepped his foot through several musical doors which account for both his diverse community activities and personal success.  "Not many musicians can say at one point in their life that they were practicing to play with an orchestra while at the same time recording a new single of a completely different genre."  Classical, pop, rock - all are fantastic to hear separately and can be even more fun when you mesh them together, creating a new, complimentary bouquet of musical notes.  

The music industry, however, can be one of the most difficult for an individual to make a living in financially.  It's become somewhat of an under-appreciated art form, taking hundreds (if not thousands) of hours to create a single, quality piece.  Intertwined in almost every aspect of our lives, access to music is made convenient for us through free sites like Pandora or Spotify, bluetooth technology allows us to stream no matter our location and everywhere we go (restaurants, shopping centers, coffee houses, etc.), someone else will provide the music for us.

When it comes to starting a business wrapped around your love of music, it can be a struggle considering there are no actual business courses in the music curriculum.  On top of that, the industry is flooded but not exactly with quality.  Many 'musicians' offer their mediocre services at lower prices, undercutting the true value that can still be found.  When you're first starting out, Capule says, "It's easy to take things personally because your business is what you put all your blood, sweat and tears into.  When you walk into Starbucks, you're not thinking about the barista's personal life.  You just want your coffee.  It's the same thing here.  People just want your music."

Not faltering, Capule keeps his inspirations in mind, similar individual artists like Jared Leto and Pete Wentz who paved their own way with their own rules.  Just the same, Capule is building upon little victories (performing concerts and having his music played in various stores worldwide) that will support his big accomplishments and future dreams of creating music for motion pictures.  "I don't think there's one business owner that got everything right the first time.  But you have to be all in and do your best not to focus on the negatives."

Capule Creative continues to positively impact lives through his music by teaching and performing.  "I always try to give my best like it's my last performance so that everyone gets the same experience."  So, if it's a great experience you're looking for, I'd keep tabs on Capule and all the work he's creating.  Skilled, versatile and personable, he's the trifecta of musical talent and the newest man to follow.

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