Marketing Research

Marketing projects often benefit from having a temporary, objective manager alleviate some of the stressors by facilitating the various stages of strategy development and implementation.  This often includes:

  • Prioritize terms of data collection
  • Incorporate specialties from complimenting departments including upper management, PR, sales & customer service
  • Manage time tables for each stage of strategic plan to make sure deadlines are met
  • Assess individual skillsets of team members to assure optimal delegation
  • Oversee outside contractors hired for temporary assignments

To decrease the amount of risk decision-makers may be confronted with during various stages of product and/or service development, marketing research proves valuable when highlighting areas such as:

  • Consumer demographic data; market segmentation
  • Desired product/service characteristics
  • Untapped consumer groups
  • Unintended pitfalls
  • Competitive environment
  • Public image & sensitivities

Team Facilitation