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Death of the Company

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Summary:  Death of the Company is an unconventional leadership book based on a hilarious, yet disheartening, true story about an office from hell.  The author, J. D. Allen, addresses failure from the viewpoint of a bottom level employee at the frontline of daily operations and reveals coveted secrets of why good employees choose to leave.  Micromanagement, trust issues, poor hiring practices, internet porn - this book has it all!  

Utilizing Dr. Abraham H. Maslow's famous Hierarchy of Needs theory as a guideline, questions are answered regarding human motivation, personal priorities and leadership faux pas.  Why do some people hate their job while others love it?  What do people need in order to perform to the best of their abilities?  What needs are being ignored?  Who is ignoring them?

Bonus Section - For those who are unable to leave a toxic work environment, the author helps determine if you work for a certifiable jerk and provides essential tips on how to survive an office from hell.