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Seeing as how Halloween is just around the corner, I didn't see the harm in pulling out my Cookie Monster onesie and grabbing my treats to go. As ridiculously fun as it may seem, this post is actually all about the bag from Eldorado Pass!  You know, that clear one holding all of my delicious chocolate chip cookies!  I'm thrilled to personally be part of this business that sells all sorts of bags including over-the-shoulder book bags, grocery totes, picnic style jute bags and much more.  

Eldorado Pass is a new retail organization like any other except all their profits go toward providing educational opportunities for others.  How great is that?!  I'm definitely no sales girl.  Never have been.  But the concept of supporting an educational focus by literally passing out the $$$ is definitely something I can get behind, especially since those who sign up to be a Brand Ambassador can guarantee a 25% kickback from all customers who use their individual code upon purchase.  

So, if you're looking for an easier way to get your educational pursuits paid for (or for someone else's), Eldorado Pass is definitely the site for you.  Unlike other fundraising programs, you DON'T have to:

  • Carry around a bunch of products 
  • Collect & maintain buyer information
  • Take care of shipping & handling

Every month, Brand Ambassadors are updated on how much they've accumulated.  When enough funds have been set aside under their name, a Brand Ambassador can choose an educational program they wish to participate in and Eldorado Pass will pay for it on their behalf.  Have you ever wanted to learn a new language, take a pottery class or simply decrease your school payments?  Eldorado Pass would love to help!  

Ask for your own Brand Ambassador ID# by writing the Eldorado Pass team a message through their Contact page.  Also, make sure to check out their Educational Opportunities page to help spark some ideas on what you'd like to spend your funds on.  

Thank you Eldorado Pass for sponsoring this post.

2 October 2017




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