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"Grow up!"  *sigh* If only I would.  Get a job, sure.  Make money, I better.  Become a productive citizen in society, absolutely.  However, while accomplishing all that, never... ever... lose your childish enthusiasm.

It's been easy to lose track of time while acquiring additional clients and pushing the JentleBiz website full steam ahead.  The whole experience of visiting with business owners both locally and far away has been a blast so far.  I won't be stopping my exploration anytime soon.  However, I'm a firm believer in creating a sense of balance in a life full of ironclad schedules and hard-pressed deadlines.  In other words, I'm a big supporter of playtime.

​The amount of research supporting the importance of relaxation for the human body is extensive and readily available to us.  Even so, slowing down is sometimes not that easy.  The tough part is when your mind can't stop.  The ideas are flowing, you're successfully working at your highest capacity, and everything is grand until you realize you haven't had a quality night's rest in over a week.

​Everyday, professionals are making decisions that guarantee an overwhelming amount of stress on their minds and bodies.  They rush to complete projects and become eager to start new ones.  All the while, their vacation time continues accumulating but is never used.  They could have too many tasks on their plate or need the money gained from overtime.  Perhaps they have no other hobbies or priorities except work.  No matter the specifics, their physical energy is quickly drained and their emotional energy soon follows, sending them into a downward spiral where productivity becomes nonexistent and their health deteriorates.

​Realizing my own need to step away, I spent part of this past weekend lounging poolside with some friends who were equally tired from their jobs, if not more so.  Most of them work in the medical field, so I can imagine their minds often get flooded with thoughts of their patients and/or clients.  But thanks to some time spent lounging on a ginormous Pegasus floaty from FunBoy, we were able to appreciate the simple pleasures in life.  The amount of laughter made possible by such a ridiculously fun toy is out of control!

​With us keeping cool in the pool, the only good reason to get out was to jump over to Hannah's Bananas for some frozen fruit covered with chocolate and sprinkles.  I think I'll have two, please.  Better yet, that cart should probably just follow me around wherever I go.

​Friends, food, floaty, fun.  Sweet relaxation and great company did the body good.  I was energized to begin the new workweek with more clarity and a rejuvenated sense of inspiration (more creative businesses coming soon!).  So to all you professionals out there who are doing an amazing job working hard and accomplishing your goals, don't forget to take some time out for yourself.

Go!  Be free!  Splurge on some happiness.​

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Photos by: J. Allen & K. Leong




30 July 2015 

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