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24 March 2016 - Andy Jackson Airpark 

If I had a superpower, I'd want to fly.  A game-changer in every sense of the word, there would be no limit to my travel adventures.  However, my need to fly wasn't as desperate as those men we all know who jumped off a roof or two when they were little.  I'm slightly more cautious and waited for an opportunity to spread my wings at Andy Jackson Airpark in San Bernardino, California.  

I probably should've been more scared than I was.  Maybe that's why ignorance is inherently blissful.  Being strapped to a kite at 4,000+ ft. in the air can make anyone uneasy.  My friend and long-time pilot instructor, Rob McKenzie, checked on me regularly mid-flight.  Did I need to fly lower?  Was I going to vomit?  Should we try to warn the spectators below?

​Nope!  I was having the time of my life!  Hangin' on to an air hog from High Adventure Hang Gliding should be on everyone's list of daredevil to-dos.  I'm all about safety first.  So, if I'm going to fly, might as well do it with the best.  Sharing the skies with us was World Record holder, James Neff.  Thanks to McKenzie's friendly peer pressure, Neff (fashionably sporting the very appropriate "Air Hog" t-shirt) entered the sport whole-heartedly years ago and still holds 2 of the 3 records he achieved when competing globally.  I was completely ignorant of their experience at first.  These eagles don't talk much about past success, it's always about what new adventures they're planning to dive into.    

It's a no-brainer, this business definitely gets my seal of approval!  The service they provide surpasses all high expectations with their focus on safely exploring the skies.  If you're interested in catching your own thermals, visit the business link for more information.  You can also find other reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp.  When you sign up, make sure to invite me along! 

Photos by: High Adventure Hang Gliding