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I shutter at the word "selfie."  So, the only thing The Museum of Selfies could tempt me with is to recount the historical importance and motivation of capturing a self image.  That's right.  I'm that much of a nerd.


Sadly, the experience was lacking from the very beginning. 

  1. You buy a $25 ticket for specific time slot to enter the museum, and yet my crew still had to stand outside in line for 30 minutes.  That's something I have a strong distaste for but LA venues love it because it's free advertising for them.  Everyone wants to know what cool experience people are waiting in line for and may even jump in themselves.  
  2. The creators had a great concept but it fell short in several areas, one of which was lighting.  Lighting in any museum is key but to not have ample amounts in a museum where you're actually encouraged to take photos gives me the impression that the creators were not well-versed in the important components of photography.  No one wants to post a photo of themselves (#themuseumofselfies) when they don't look good.  Not to mention, the Instagram photos are not a good depiction of the experience you will have.  
  3. The most common phrase you'll hear is, "Can you get out of the way?" so someone can take a picture.  Even I did this once because the small venue was not conducive to traffic easily flowing in and out.  
  4. PRO: Upon entry, they gave me a Luna LemonZest bar that was very yummy to my tummy.  

Is It Worth It?

Pictures are always fun, especially when you're with good friends.  So, if you're passing through and still want to check it out, try to get in for free using programs like Surkus (use my Invite Code: 5RNGB).  This app matches events and brands to the things you love so you know more of what's going on in your neighborhood.  But in reality, Los Angeles actually IS the museum of selfies.  You can walk around many of the streets and find similar yellow and pink walls to incorporate into your poses as well as some gorgeous murals by a famous artist or two.   

What I Learned:

  • I'm still the worst at taking selfies.
  • I'm super pale & ready for that California sun.
  • I'm in love the LUNA LemonZest bar.
  • This really could have been such a fun event had there been more space, better lighting and they increased the number of exhibits 3-fold.  ​

2 April 2018

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