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For those of you organizing your wardrobe for the upcoming season, you may be struggling to filter through everything you have scattered amongst old shopping bags, the laundry bin and the guest bedroom closet your clothes have overflowed into.  Thankfully, my dreams of having Cher's closet from the movie Clueless had me on the lookout for a program called Stylebook.  This app was found on my iPhone (free) that I can sync with an iPad ($3.99).  

Stylebook creates a virtual database that sorts your clothes based on style, season, color and brand name.  If you have a financially focused mind and you're bold enough to go the extra mile, you can input the cost of all your clothes so the app can maintain "style stats" on the total value of your closet down to the 25 best cost-per-wear items and the 25 worst cost-per-wear.  You'll also be able to easily tell which outfits you've worn the least and the most.  

The Stylebook app provides a calendar and a suitcase for packing all your travel must haves so you can plan ahead.  You'll also be able to find some inspiration similar to browsing Pinterest by shopping directly through the app or consulting the "Style Expert" section.

My favorite thing about this app is that it reminds me what I already have available when I'm out and about shopping for more goodies.  I've spent significantly less on new clothing items because I can easily look at what I've already got.  My friends also find it convenient to steal my phone to see what our "community closet" has to offer so they can borrow an item or two.  All I have to do is mark the status of the chosen items as "lent out" so I know where to find them again.  

Achieving closet harmony isn't just for the women.  There's a Stylebook app that caters to men, too!  If you don't have Apple gadgets, that's ok.  There are several other options to choose from that can help you keep track of your cluttered closet.  No more losing outfits or doubling up on clothing you already own.  Don't wait for springtime o bring your closet to life!

clueless closet

18 September 2016