There's something so sexy about a Speakeasy.  You'd think they would've lost their appeal after the Prohibition, but a brand new door has been opened in Chelsea, New York!  If I'm not curled up in bed around 2 a.m., you can find me at The 18th Room.  This is the only type of hotspot I would break my 9:30 p.m. bedtime for, and clearly, that's saying a lot.  

It's a smaller space than the large venues I'm used to here on the West Coast, providing that exclusive feel that'll soon be complimented with a signature cocktail made special by the charismatic (and might I add, spectacularly dressed) bartenders maneuvering with ease around one another.  

It seems like this place has done everything right.  You feel a soothing environment even before your first sip of alcohol with the textured floor under your feet and some dark corners to exchange a few saucy whispers.  The bartenders are charming, not because they have to be but because they actually are in fact charming.  And a HUGE bonus for their ability to surprise my palate with tasty creations.  

Only a place like this could have me doing a little gig to an extra jazzed-up rendition of "I Wan'na Be Like You" from The Jungle Book.  I count myself lucky to have been able to enjoy The 18th Room so early on because I can almost guarantee, by the time my next New York trip rolls around, I'll be calling in favors with mere hopes of getting in.  

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25 June 2018