"No, thank you," didn't seem to be a strong enough response.  When it comes to the male ego, I really am too nice.  I politely declined sitting at the bar with a man who approached me even before I had a chance to set my purse down.  It's times such as these that I clearly identify with that timid girl in Mad TV's "Can I Have Your Number" skit.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm always flattered and can appreciate certain levels of aggressiveness.  It's just... things get awkward around the third "no."

Just then, a woman comes over to take my order but surprises me with a precursor, "If he does it again, I'll kick him out.  This isn't that type of establishment."  Turns out my savior was more than a waitress, she was one of the owners.  She explained the type of vibe they wished to maintain and being harassed was not a part of that.  And just like that, I found a hidden gem within the city of Redlands, California.

Typically, locals have to drive a good 50-minutes East to Palm Springs or West toward Los Angeles to find a relaxing place to meet with friends over dinner and drinks.  But, thanks to venues like Time in a Bottle, Redlands can hold its own amongst the surrounding cities. The classic wood interior compliments the venue's historic location, and the intimate space, complete with leather couches and elevated tables, provides a relaxing European-pub feel that welcomes all visitors.  But, don't get confused.  Those looking for a sports bar with beer on tap, you're in luck because there are over a dozen other options within walking distance.  This bar and bistro remains true to quality cocktails and wine to help you pass the time.

I've been to Time in a Bottle for dates, small business meetings, group gatherings with friends; all of them positive experiences because of the genuine quality provided.  It's casual enough for jeans, yet classy enough for a tie.  So essentially, come as you are and enjoy!  Because, no matter what you're wearing, you'll become addicted to their Tatter-Tots appetizer and signature cocktails.

​When you stop by, make sure to find me.  I'll be the one stuffing my face with some tots and then attempting to regain my elegant composure by sipping their house-made lemon cello.  I'm rather messy, too (can't take me anywhere), but I'll definitely be cleaning up my own mess ever since I learned my savior's co-owner, Angel (no, seriously, that's his name), handmade not only the tables but the very bar you'll find stretching across the room. The restaurant gods would be proud as the owner's dedication extends to the kitchen where high standards require only fresh ingredients, even if it costs them extra.  As for the overall experience, no one is kept on staff who doesn't respect the customer the way customers seem to respect this place.

If you're looking for an environment where you'd rather be chatting with your friends over great food than looking at your cell phone, I found it.  Can't get much better than that.

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You can also follow Time in a Bottle on Instagram for mouth-watering teasers and tasting event updates.  It's a good reminder of the delicious quality that's been missing in your life.  

​Photos by: R. Lim​





14 October 2016 - Redlands, California 


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