​​In my 30th year of life, health has become a reoccurring topic of discussion amongst my family and friends.  I'm noticing the natural changes that take place in the human body over time, and when I listen closely, mine is telling me to stop binge eating Little Debbie pastries.  Oh, the devastation!

Despite my guilty pleasure, I'm in fairly decent shape for someone who holds a desk job.  However, I'm keenly aware that I owe much thanks to my genes (thanks mom!) because my desk drawer is filled with goodies sent from the obliging dessert gods.  

​Still curious to learn a little more about my health, I was thrilled to be introduced to a company called uBiome that provided me with an at-home kit to test my microbiomes and see what my bacteria was up to.  Seems like an unusual thing to pay attention to until I found out both good and bad bacteria existed and managing the fluctuating levels can have positive health incentives.  Microbiome activity influences your daily immune responses, your nervous system behavior and helps fight diseases.  

​After I ordered the kit on the uBiome website, it was sent straight to my home complete with small vials meant for 5 physical areas of testing: nose, mouth, skin, gut and genitals (don't get weird about it, everyone has them).  It's not like peeing in a cup at the hospital and awkwardly placing it in the hands of the nurse waiting impatiently outside the bathroom door.  This time around, I was able to do everything at my convenience and in the privacy of my own home.  All it took was just 3 easy steps - Sign-up, Sample & Ship!

​I was thrilled with the results of my tests as they professional offered comparisons between my overall microbiome health to those with various lifestyle choices like individuals adhearing to a gluten-free diet, heavy drinkers, omnivores and roughly a dozen other categories.  

​As I promised on my JentleBiz Instagram account, I've shared some of my personal, detailed results with you right here!

​Favorite parts about uBiome's informational tools:

  1. At-home kit - I loved not having to get my blood drawn to find out more about my health.  Yikes!  Not a big fan.  
  2. Dictionary - I'm no doctorate-level scientist, so I appreciated the company's website and how easy it was to find more information on terminology I didn't understand.  
  3. Visual insights - The graphical representation of my results were a bonus for a visual learner like myself.  This learning tool lives up to its promises and is providing me with practical information on how to take better care of myself.​

Results:  Overall, I'm in pretty good shape except for some blatantly obvious exceptions.  I clearly need to exercise more and change my eating habits if I'm going to maintain this awesomeness for the long-haul.  My plan is to prevent obesity related issues (welcome Bacteroidetes!) and sensitivity to food allergies (hello Clostridia!).  I'll also be increasing my microbiome diversity by exercising more and eating lots of fiber (among other things).  I'm guessing my lower percentile range has something to do with my Vegetarian diet but will get more details by consulting with my doctor.  Take a look at my intense Taxonomy Tree below.  My researcher side is fascinated (nerd alert!).

​I look forward to taking another test in the future and adding information to my timeline on my uBiome account to see how my changes have benefited me over time. 

​If you'd like to learn what your gut is saying, you can order uBiome's SmartGut kit.  This new, comprehensive screening test can help identify why you may be feeling unwell or have general discomfort.  This may include abdominal pain, constipation, bloating and other topics of discomfort.  Choose a focused or extensive kit that fits your needs by visiting the site today.

Photos by: O. Ueki


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4 November 2016 




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